About Us

Our company does anything and everything related to roofing, like repairs, replacements and new installations. Our services are offered to residents of Mobile, AL and nearby areas within the Baldwin and Mobile counties of Alabama.

We are happy to provide everyone who inquires with a free cost estimate no matter the size of the job.

Looking to repair a leak in your roof? Give us a call! Need a fair price to replace your roof? We are here to help. Simply call us at (251) 250-0785 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

There are many local roofers who offer similar services, so why would you choose us or at least get a quote from us? Simply said, it’s reliability, quality and outstanding customer service. We strive to do right by our customers and we stand by our work each and every time.

Our company is committed to your satisfaction whether we’ve installed a brand new roof for you or you call us 10 years from now after it suffered some storm damage and take advantage of the warranty to have our crew come out and repair it.

It makes no difference to us, because we put customer before the money. Plain and simple.

JC Roofing of Mobile got started as a side hustle by Jacob Corner (hence the JC) in the early 2000’s.¬†Mr. Corner’s goal was to begin providing the best service possible at a very competitive rate to residents of Mobile, Alabama.

He felt that there were just too many “crooks” pretending to be roofing contractors and ripping off hard working families, so he decided to lead by example.

The business took off and recently we’ve began serving both Mobile and Baldwin counties, providing high quality services and same comparably¬†affordable prices!

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